A helping hand for parents when they need it most.

Every year, around 2,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. We’re here to make sure that their parents don’t have to cope alone.

When a parent first hears the words “your child has cancer“ it can be the start of a lonely and arduous journey. It’s Never You is the only UK charity dedicated to the needs of parents during their child’s treatment.

Our story

In October 2020, Ceri and Frances Menai-Davis’ son Hugh was diagnosed with a high-risk Rhabdomyosarcoma. The next 10 months would change everything.

Hugh was just five years old when his family received the diagnosis. In the months that followed they would navigate a journey of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, Hugh showing tremendous bravery and courage far greater than his years. Sadly, not long after his sixth birthday, Hugh passed away on 18th September, 2021.


As a way of honouring their son, and helping other parents facing a similar situation, Ceri and Frances decided to create a charity that would be dedicated to supporting the parents of children with cancer. The first words Frances said to Ceri on learning of Hugh’s diagnosis were “you always think it’s someone else’s child, never you”. Today, It’s Never You is here to change the journey for every parent following in their footsteps.


Being alongside a child in hospital can be isolating, lonely, mentally overwhelming, physically draining and financially difficult. But with the right support it needn’t feel that way. It’s Never You is the charity that Ceri and Frances wish they’d had to turn to during their own child’s illness.

What We Do

We put you in touch with emotional support, practical help and other parents experiencing similar challenges. Plus, our app and social media platform make it easy to find what you need.

The It’s Never You app is a place for parents to communicate with other people on a similar journey and easily access helpful resources. You can download forms and resources for financial support, find information on mental health, personal and social wellbeing, as well as nutritional advice, and tips on movement and exercise. 


We connect parents with other 70 charities specifically for children with cancer, and also provide information that can help parents with their child’s treatment. The app is free and available to download in both the Apple app store and Google Android store.

Our Policy Work

For all the parents sitting beside a child receiving treatment, we are your voice.

Right now, there is no support for parents from the government should their child be diagnosed with cancer, should they need to take a break from work. We want to change that, and are working with Sir Oliver Heald to improve financial support for these parents.


As it stands, parents’ available options are Universal credit, Disability living allowance and Carers allowance. In our eyes, none of these are viable options in the current economic climate, and this must change. We are actively lobbying government on better workers’ rights for the parents of children having treatment, and for access to pay equal to Statutory Maternity pay.


If you have any issues which you would like us to raise with local authorities or government then please contact us at help@itsneveryou.com.





Whether it’s making a donation, sparing your time or organising a fundraising event, there are lots of ways that you can show your support for parents of children with cancer.