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We can help you to find the support you need

When your child is diagnosed with cancer, it feels as if life has been turned upside-down.


There are a huge number of things to handle, all at once, from how to cope emotionally to the practicalities of treatment, and potentially taking time away from work to care for your child. It’s Never You is a place that parents can turn to, and find practical support.


The best way to get support is to download our app, The Children’s Cancer platform. Take a look at some of the types of support, advice and guidance signposting the app can provide.




Financial Support Resources

Financial resources

Discover the financial support available for the parents of children with cancer, and download the relevant forms.


You’ll find everything from specialist travel insurers to companies offering help with utility bills, as well as support funds specifically for children with cancer. You can also use our online Benefits Calculator to get instant help.


Use the Turn2Us Benefits Calculator

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

Help to manage emotions

See how practising mindfulness and meditation can help you to manage difficult emotions.


Download the free It’s Never You app and get access to a range of guided meditations that you can do anywhere and in just a few minutes.


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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health

Tools to alleviate stress and anxiety

Explore tools and resources to support the parents of children with cancer during extreme stress and anxiety.


Blogs and content from experts and other parents who understand what you’re going through, and techniques to help manage stress and anxiety.


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Sourcing Emotional Support

Grief Support

Grief support

Find out about types of emotional support available for grieving parents, and how and where to find it.


We can put you in touch with national grief charities, and you can also find support from fellow parents in our Reflection Group.


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Parent Support Groups

Sharing knowledge within a parent network

Connect with parents going through similar experiences, and expand your support network.


Our own parent support group is a great place to find out about the resources available, and discuss what you’re going through, plus you’ll also find other helpful resources and groups.


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Charities for Children

Charities for Children

Charities for children

Find out more about the 70 charities offering specific support for children with cancer.


We’ll pulled together a comprehensive list of charities, big and small, national and local, whose mission is to support children with cancer.


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step of the way

Download our app to connect with other parents, get support tools, advice and more – wherever you are on the journey.